High Water Bill?

So many of our clients have complained about their water bills doubling and tripling in the past few months. The reason it has been brought to our attention is because we are responsible for programming the irrigation controller for each lawn maintenance property.

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We thought it would be informative to tell you about leak detection so you can rule that out as a problem.

1. Turn off all appliances in your house, pool fill, and do not use any water such as flushing toilets.

2. Go to water meter location, remove cover and there will be a leak detector dial. Write down setting where needle stopped.

3. Wait 30 minutes and check to see if needle on gauge has moved. If it has not moved you do not have a leak. If it has moved turn off double check the lawn sprinkler to see if leak is in your house.  

 4. Repeat above steps. If needle does not move the leak is in the lawn sprinkler.

5. If the indicator dial moves -turn off water supply to each toilet one at a time. Toilet leaks are commonly found.

We have found these steps to be very helpful for leak detection!