City Of Fort Worth Water Restrictions

Many of you have inquired about the water rationing procedures which go into effect on Monday. As stated in the Fort Worth Star Telegram watering for residential properties with addresses ending in odd numbers will be permitted to water on Thursday and Sunday. Addresses ending in even numbers may water on Wednesday and Saturday.  Non residential properties may water on Friday and Tuesday. Soaker Hoses, drip irrigation and hand watering is permitted daily.  The city of Westover Hills is following the same restrictions.

We have installed many recent landscapes with drip irrigation systems but for people who have traditional systems we will adjust to water multiple start times on the designated days for a deep watering until restrictions are removed. For example: If your irrigation starts @ midnight and stops @ 3AM you would start again from 3AM to 6AM. This procedure will allow the water to soak in to the ground with less run off which will deep water the roots of your plants. It is the moisture within the soil that keeps your plants healthy not the water on the plants or over watering!