Pretty Perennials

perennial-aquilegiaThere are few things that bring more pleasure than the return of perennials each year. Perennials, as opposed to annuals, bloom year after year. Most perennials disappear during the winter and grow up again in the spring. There are, in fact, so many varieties of perennials that you are sure to find the perfect design selections for your garden.

Perennials do take some patience initially as it will take a year or two before they are established and blooming in your garden. The reward of watching your lovely perennials bloom year after year is well worth the wait.

When designing your garden, there are several things to consider, such as blooming season, spacing, textures, layering by height, sunlight requirements and complimentary colors. Most perennials come in a variety of vivid colors making it easy to create a beautiful tapestry.
Among the most interesting and useful perennial plants are some of our Texas natives. Salvia, Gaillardia, Coreopsis and Penstemon are notable examples.

If you are looking to enhance the vibrancy of your garden give us a call today to learn more about perennials and where you can enjoy them most in your landscape plan!