Fall Planting Tips

Contrary to popular belief, fall, not spring, is the ideal planting season in Fort Worth. Cooler weather is just a few months ahead, so now is the perfect time to begin planning and planting. The soil is still warm from summer, while the cooler fall air encourages stronger root systems. These plants will have a long season of cool weather and rain before the following summer season. Rainy weather ahead also means that after you water for the first few months, Mother Nature will come in and do much of the watering for you while your plants are becoming established. In Fort Worth, gardening is really a year around activity and especially pleasurable in the mild fall season.

Fall is also a great time to clean up your yard. Garden debris harbors snails, earwigs and many other pests and diseases. By raking up leaves and other plant debris, you’ll eliminate the protective home for over-wintering pests.