The Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape

Trees are a vital and nurturing force. They benefit our environment, provide us medicines, and inspire myths and stories. One of the best ways to realize the importance of trees is to imagine our world without them.

Trees can increase real-estate values by five to seven percent, but they also enhance the community by cleaning the air and water. Trees reduce the temperature in urban environments by casting shade and creating humidity. They also help break the flow of storm-water runoff.
Planted in the right location, trees can substantially reduce a homeowner’s cooling bill by shading the house.

The importance of trees seems apparent when one tries to imagine a world without them. Cleaner air and water, food for our tables and thoughts, as well as inspiration for our senses are but a few things given to us by trees. If nothing else, they give us an excuse to sit, close our eyes, and listen to the winds rustle through their leaves.